Abstract – Julie McGrath


The video essay in question was created by using the moovly website. This option was chosen as it permitted a voice over commentary, images, text and animation. While the challenge was to create a video essay that dealt succinctly with issues relating to the role of the editor, and critically assess the impact of the editor in relation to one’s own personal research interests. The application of a software programme that allowed for greater creativity of expression proved to be a new and interesting experience, and added an extra dimension of learning to the process, as new skills were acquired in the use of an unfamiliar programme.

The video essay begins with a discussion of the traditional role of the editor. The level of control and input they might have had over a project, and the day-to-day activities of an editor in academic or news publishing. The video then addresses how this role has been altered by the advent of the digital age. It considers the new skills that are necessary for editors to acquire, and how their role had changed in relation to communication and collaboration. It also questions the extent to which the role of editor has been diminished. Finally, the video concludes with a discussion of my own research interests, and how editing applies to them, especially in relation to the creation of a digital artefact.


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