Video Essay

My video essay concerns online radio broadcasting and editing in a new digital culture that is digital radio broadcasting. I believe we are on the cusp where digital radio broadcasting is the road radio broadcasting will take, both online and on DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio systems.

Now, we have digital (DAB) radio in our cars and on most new hi-fi systems. Ireland has been slow to take off with the digital but I believe over the next 10 years, FM radio will become practically obsolete as online radio and digital audio broadcasting takes over. Digital radio transmission is more reliable and doesn’t suffer as much from the interference that you get from FM transmitters. It is my (educated) guess that digital audio is the future for radio technology worldwide.

If you are a dedicated radio broadcaster (like I am!), you will need to know a lot about sound engineering and also sound editing. Whether it be news or voxpops or a simple radio interview, you will need to know how to edit. The role of the editor in radio broadcasting is huge and really, without the knowledge of how to edit, you will not be a fully qualified radio broadcaster, in my opinion. The role of the editor is in effect the role of the radio broadcaster also, as they are intertwined in their importance when it comes to broadcasting over the airwaves.


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