John O’Mahony’s video essay

I chose a straightforward podcast as the theme for my video essay because it’s the format I’m least comfortable with. As News Editor with the Irish Examiner, I’m very happy on the other side of the camera lens, but less so when it’s focused on me, which was the point of the exercise. I also have little or no experience with video editing, so that whole process was a steep learning curve.

Put me in front of a keyboard and I’ll happily churn out 1,500 words, but the equivalent in video took me the best part of two days. Finding a suitable setting, device to record with and then grappling with a script, sound, interruptions and a lighting system that automatically  switched itself off after 2.45 minutes made for an interesting few days.

I’ve also provided a brief outline of my dissertation “Can Twitter get you elected” – which will focus on the role social media will play in the forthcoming election. It’s a subject that’s not new, but is something that hasn’t be done at a Masters research level to date in Ireland.

From the perspective of an editor, it will throw up a few challenges, firstly harvesting the Tweets, then designing and using software that makes sense of all the information. Scale is an also issue, as is making visible the data my research will be based upon.



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