Marjorie Brennan video essay (including abstract)

Marjorie (Margaret) Brennan Video Essay


From Old School to New Tools: The Changing Art of Editing

My video essay draws on my own experience as a sub-editor, having witnessed at first-hand how the digital revolution transformed the production of newspapers. As more content migrates online, newspapers have had to find new ways to attract readers and have dispensed with the old style of editing to do so. I look at how this has resulted in a decline in standards because of the demise of the gatekeeping function of the sub-editor.

I also examine how anyone who has a presence on social media is now a content provider, and how the curation of our profiles and online identity is an act of editing in itself.

My essay also considers the importance of editing in the context of communicating clearly and how, in terms of scholarly editing, impenetrable academic language can often deter readers. On the other hand, I look at how some academics are embracing social media as a new way of disseminating research, bringing their work to a significantly wider audience.

I used iMovie to make my video essay, which was a valuable learning experience in itself – in terms of understanding the technology and also as an editing process. It would make me more confident in working with such technology on any future projects.

Link to Marjorie Brennan editing skills video essay





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