Harry Potter’s Magic Textbook and Editors

Li Liu


MA Digital Arts and Humanities

DH 6012


Education is related to everyone, to ourselves and to our children. Industrial Revolution made education become one of the essential rights for broad masses. Now it’s time for digital technology to do something for education. Almost all primary students’ knowledge comes from their textbooks. Why don’t we add some fun to their textbook so students will pay more attention to their study from Internet or TV channel? And if they can have a textbook just like Daily Prophet, they don’t have to be upset about the pending Hogwarts acceptance letters. Let’s name this playful textbook – Harry Potter’s Magic Textbook which can provide sound, image, GIF and other media used for study.
Editors are important for the publication especially for the textbooks.What will happen when editor meet with a textbook like the Harry Potter’s Magic Textbook. Will editor change their role? The definition of the editor became wider. People with different background are attracted to publishing activities and most of them can be called editors. And the bounds of the authors, editors and readers will be broke. Editing is not a work only experts can do anymore. Anyone who can contribute to the publication can be an editor.



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One thought on “Harry Potter’s Magic Textbook and Editors

  1. Hi Li,

    I met you in college. If everyone could get an iPad at the age of 4/5 so they could bring it to school, that would be a perfect world, really! There is lots to learn on this iPad machine. All kids should have one. If only I could give every single kid that? But, what is really out there for all the others? I have no idea and I am terrified to find out sometimes but I want to travel and I want to visit these places, as long as they’re not too dangerous!



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