Video Essay- Mrinal Chadha



The role of Editor in Economics has changed drastically over the years with the coming up of so called ‘digital age’. The editor is no more just the editor. A reader, an author, a publisher could also be an editor. The medium of publication has also changed significantly with online publication dominating over hard copy publication. This indeed comes with both pros and cons. The advantages are the fact that it has made editing a lot easier, however, it has also led to the possibility of plagiarism with an opportunity for anyone to imitate your work. Collaborative writing with other researchers and authors is very common in Economics or in any other field. However, collaborative open access writing is something that is highly uncommon for Economists because of authenticity of the content of the new writers and risk of research ideas being imitated. Digital skills have had a significant impact on editing. However, websites like Wikipedia which can be edited by anyone should be viewed with caution because anyone can edit information in there depending upon their views/ideas. Hence, to make it authentic for readers, editors should always reference the material from credible sources like journal articles, research studies etc.


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