Wikipedia by Michele OCC

After playing around in wikipedia for a while not sure of what I was doing or what topic to choose I eventually searched for Collaborative Art Practice because it relates to my art practice and interest and possibly to my dissertation. The only result for that term in wikipedia was for ‘Social practice (art) so I opened that and searched within the page for collaborative art practice and with no results for that got an offer to create the page collaborative art practice with a recommendation to consider the results shown below on the current page. So I decided to try to create a page ‘Collaborative Art Practice’ at that stage wiki suggested I use the sandbox area so I opened it to create my first article.

There I found many suggestions as to how to proceed and I have screen grabbed this page as my middle page unsure as to whether or not I will be allowed to publish within the time frame this assignment is due.

2. before edit.png

Wiki suggests reading ‘your first article’ link from their wiki suggests using the shared or personal sandbox. Key words in the article:

Should be notable.

Good references

Independent sources

Respect copyright

Avoid defamatory content

Feel free to be bold

Beware editors might choose to delete your article.

Recommendation, go to Wikipedia: Article wizard where they offer lots of help from other wikipedians at wikipedia teahouse or help also suggest Wikipedia Adventure and learn how to edit in an hour or have a brief tutorial.

I opened my sandbox and put in my heading and wrote my first article (short paragraph) including and cited it. I then sent it as per instructions for review. Waiting to see what happens.

The interesting thing about this exercise is that I really had no interest initially in engaging with this process, having gone this far I am now interested to see what comes of my short contribution and whether or not it might grow legs as I can see the need for such a page or reference to collaborative practice in wikipedia and would be happy to become a regular contributor.

My First article:

The nature of collaboration rather than singular authorship is the case with many art projects in the postmodern phase of art making today. ‘If oneness in art-works inevitably implies the use of force against the many phrases like “mastery over materials” in aesthetical criticism betrays this state of affairs-then it follows that the many must also fear oneness. T.W. ADORNO, AESTHETIC THEORY.(ref.1.)

Grant Kester study into contemporary collaborative art begins by putting into question why so many artists have been drawn to collaborative modes of practice. This he suggests is a global phenomenon and can be experienced over the last decade in our biennales of Europe to the local villages of central India and new high tech media centers to small community art programs. While the term collaborative appears straightforward enough in itself “to work together” it deserves much further investigation and research if this global phenomenon is to be understood.(ref.2)



(ref.1)Adorno, Theodor W. Aesthetic Theory. A&C Black, 1997. Print.

(ref.2)Grant H, Kesters book THE ONE and THE MANY, Contemporary Collaborative Art in a Global Context


3. Collaborative at practice.png

Page submitted for review



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