Alice Campion video essay

In this video, I talk about the role of grammar and proof reading in the editing process, with a focus on the growth of “grammar Nazis” on online platforms. This video will not comment on the ethics of the semantics or symbolism this term invites, but rather explore attitudes towards grammar on digital platforms, in both academic and non-academic circles.
With my research interests still undefined, I initially struggled to find a focal point for this essay. I decided on the topic of grammar, as I believe it will have a part to play on whatever I decide to do my dissertation on – also, the popularity of “grammar Nazis” has relevance to both academic and non-academic discussions. In much of my research on editing for this module, copy-writing and proof-reading has come up numerous times. I think the prevalence of grammar correction on digital platforms (including social media sites, comment sections, chatrooms) shows how grammar in the digital age is part of the general consciousness, and not restricted to academic discussions.
Grammar Nazis remind us that the internet is a textual medium for all users in many different contexts – linguistic views on grammar and academic correction should be considered in relation to digital publishing if we are to improve upon the scholarly editing process.


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