Orla Breslin MA DC

Varied career, mostly working in the arts industry, as freelance; artist, event organiser, community art. Very interested in principles of open knowledge, open culture and open source. Working grassroots, using art and crafts to promote community and sustainability.


Marjorie Brennan, MA DAH:
I am a freelance journalist and former sub-editor. I am interested in exploring language, knowledge transfer and digital sociology and inclusion.


Short bio:

MA DAH student.  Dissertation topic revolves around storytelling.

~ Danielle Lawlee


I’m an artist and curator based on Cork although I’ve been mostly managing art festivals and events rather than making work over the last few years.

My MA project involves developing a new model of artist residency – one that is completely virtual/accessed online. The purpose of this is to allow greater access to cultural events and institutions for artists that are geographically or financially disadvantaged, incarcerated etc. This will encompass a “best practice” document in tandem with a suite of free digital tools that can be downloaded by the individual artist and the cultural institution.
I feel that my background allows me to facilitate collaborative projects and artist residencies well in-person so my aim in undertaking this course is do develop a better understanding of digital communication, specifically relating to the needs of visual artists.
– Catherine Bourne
My name is Elaine Sugrue and I recently completed a BA (Joint Honours) in History and English at UCC. I am currently a postgraduate research student, undertaking an MRes with the Department of History at UCC. My research interests include all aspects of modern Irish history but particularly women’s history and Irish labour history. For my MRes, I am conducting research in the area of women’s labour history in early twentieth century Ireland.