Gillian Delaney 115142165: The role of the editor and the emergence of social media


This video discusses the role of the editor and how it’s changed with the emergence of social media. The first part of the video essay tells a story how social media has impacted on the way in which the publishing and newspaper industries operate. Social media has made editing easier however it has led to the possibility of plagiarism and as there is less attention paid, as news is posted as soon as it happens, the standard of writing including spelling, grammar and punctuation can be problematic .
Following on from there the video discusses the merits and problems encountered by the academic community with regards to publishing research. Some of the problems encountered include increased subscription fees, copyright issues and how research dissemination takes place on social media.
The video draws attention to the public’s recent interest in reality television and how it seems to target the marginalised parts of society as their research material. These shows tend to provoke reactions from their audiences in a negative way. These sectors of society feel that they have been judged and unfairly represented.
Finally I discuss the editing skills any editor needs and outline some of the software that I will be using.
I have never digitally edited in the past and I found this experience rewarding and challenging. I used animation and images to tell the story in a visual way as well as well as including audio.“>Gillian Delaney 115142165 The role of the editor and the emergence of social media

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